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Unity Party achieves ballot access for U.S. Senate race in Colorado

Colorado Unity Party Chairman Bill Hammons will be on the ballot in November for the U.S. Senate race in a year when the public has lost trust and confidence in the two-party system.

"Dawn casts a glow over the Front Range west of downtown"
Photo Credit: Robert Kash

Unity Party Platform

The Unity Party of America believes that through hard work and cooperation, Americans will be better able to preserve the promise of liberty and equality. The Unity Party Platform offers common sense solutions to today's most fundamental challenges.  See what we stand for >

Unity Party History

From the beginning, the Unity Party of America has been dedicated to the common goals of every American. Through grass roots advocacy the Unity Party has been able to stand up for and champion our democratic ideals.  Learn more about the Unity Party...

Unity Party Candidates

Unity Party candidates represent American diversity and strength. Unity Party candidates are veterans, teachers, small business owners and blue collar workers; they are concerned citizens who are willing to stand up for the foundations that America was built upon.  Unity Candidates >

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Michael Bennet, Darryl Glenn to debate for first time
September 5, 2016 - Joey Bunch of The Denver Post
"The race also includes Green party nominee Arn Menconi and Unity Party of Colorado candidate Bill Hammons."
Unity Party Attains Ballot Access in Colorado U.S. Senate Race
August 12, 2016 - Unity Party of America
Bill Hammons (U) will be listed on Colorado voter ballots for U.S. Senate in every Colorado voting precinct, putting the Unity Party on the ballot in a Federal Election contest!
Boulder County Republican, Democratic party chiefs prepare for 2016 election battles
November 15, 2015 - John Fryar- Longmont Times-Call
Both parties hope to spur local participation