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1-4-805. Petitions for nominating municipal candidates in coordinated elections.

Statute text

Any person who desires to be a candidate for a municipal office in a coordinated election shall, in lieu of the requirements of this article, comply with the nominating petition procedure set forth in the "Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965", article 10 of title 31, C.R.S.; except that part 11 of this article, concerning write-in candidate affidavits, shall apply in such municipal elections, and any nominating petition may be circulated and signed beginning on the ninety-first day prior to the election and shall be filed with the municipal clerk no later than the seventy-first day prior to the date of the election. The petition may be amended to correct or replace signatures that the clerk finds are not in apparent conformity with the requirements of the municipal election code at any time before the sixty-seventh day before the election.


Source: L. 93: Entire section added, p. 1406, ァ 32, effective July 1. L. 95: Entire section amended, p. 831, ァ 31, effective July 1. L. 96: Entire section amended, p. 1740, ァ 23, effective July 1. L. 99: Entire section amended, p. 765, ァ 27, effective May 20. L. 2004: Entire section amended, p. 1522, ァ 1, effective May 28.


Editor's note: Section 6 of chapter 346, Session Laws of Colorado 2004, provides that the act amending this section applies to elections called on or after May 28, 2004.





Editor's note: This part 9 was originally enacted as 49-7-1, 49-6-7, and 49-6-12 in C.R.S. 1963. The substantive provisions of this part 9 were repealed and reenacted in 1992, causing some addition, relocation, and elimination of sections as well as subject matter. For prior amendments, consult the red book table distributed with the session laws; the 1980 replacement volume and the original volume of C.R.S. 1973, and annual supplements to these volumes prior to 1992; the comparative tables located at the back of the index; and C.R.S. 1963.

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