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Chinese System of Government: One-Party Socialist Republic

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The leadership of the Communist Party is stated in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. State power within the PRC is exercised through the Communist Party of China, the Central People's Government, and their provincial and local counterparts.

Under the dual leadership system, each local bureau or office is under the coequal authority of the local leader and the leader of the corresponding office, bureau or ministry at the next higher level. People's Congress members at the county level are elected by voters. These county-level People's Congresses have the responsibility of oversight of local government, and elect members to the Provincial (or Municipal in the case of independent municipalities) People's Congress. The Provincial People's Congresses in turn elect members to the National People's Congress that meets every March in the capital Beijing. The ruling Communist Party committee at each level plays a large role in the selection of appropriate candidates for election to the local congress and to the higher levels.

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