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Iraqi Political Parties by ideology / ethnic affiliation, by appearance on the 2005 Iraqi National Assembly election ballot:

National Iraqi Alliance

  • Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq

  • Sadrist Movement

  • Islamic Dawa Party – Iraq Organisation

  • Islamic Dawa Party

  • Tribes of Iraq Coalition

  • Islamic Fayli Grouping in Iraq

    Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan

  • Kurdistan Democratic Party

  • Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

  • Kurdistan Islamic Union

  • Movement for Change

  • Kurdistan Toilers’ Party

  • Kurdistan Communist Party

  • Assyrian Patriotic Party

    Iraqi List

  • Iraqi National Accord

    The Iraqis

    Iraqi Turkmen Front

    People's Union

  • Iraqi Communist Party

    Islamic Kurdish Society

    Islamic Labour Movement in Iraq

    National Democratic Party

    National Rafidain List

  • Assyrian Democratic Movement

    Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc

    The Upholders of the Message

    Mithal al-Alusi List

    Yazidi Movement for Reform and Progress

    Political Parties without Members of Parliament:

    Popular Unity Party (formerly Communist Party of Iraq)

    Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

    Leftist Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

    Assembly of Independent Democrats

    National Democratic Party

    Green Party of Iraq

    Iraqi Democratic Union

    Iraqi National Accord

    Constitutional Monarchy Movement

    Assyrian Patriotic Party

    Assyria Liberation Party

    Kurdistan Conservative Party

    Turkmen People's Party

    Iraqi Islamic Party

    Al Neshoor Party

    Parties outlawed by Iraq's Government:

    Ba'ath Party

    Party of Liberation

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