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New Hampshire Congressional Districts and their Representatives:

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1st / 2nd

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Gov. John Lynch / Sen. Judd Gregg / Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire's US Representatives:

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1st District / 2nd District

New Hampshire 2012 Presidential Partisan Voting Index: D+1

New Hampshire 2010 General Election Date: November 2nd

New Hampshire 2010 Primary Election Date: September 14th

American Politics Guide: American Governors, Senators, and Representatives

John Lynch (D)
New Hampshire Governor

The Honorable John Lynch
Office of the Governor
25 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone (603) 271-2121

2010 Governor Candidates List:

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch (D)

Ex-State HHS Commissioner, Attorney, '02/'08 Congressional Candidate John Stephen (R)

Businessman, Grafton Cemetary Trustee, Ex-State Party Chair, Freq. Cand. John Babiarz (L)

List of 2010 Gubernatorial Primary Candidates who also ran:

Businessman Jack Kimball (R)

Religious Right Activist, Author, Columnist, Ex-Radio Talk Show Host Karen Testerman (R)

New Hampshire's US Senators

Sr. US Senator Judd Gregg (R)

The Honorable Judd Gregg
United States Senate
201 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone (202) 224-3324

Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

Senator Gregg retiring. 2010 US Senate Candidates List:

Ex-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (R)

Congressman, Attorney Paul Hodes (D)

Realtor, Army Veteran, Frequent Candidate Ken Blevens (L)

Physicist Chris Booth (I)

'06 Gubernatorial Candidate David Boyle (I)

High Tech Worker Brian Chabot (I)

Cornelius Donnelly (I)

Ex-Ashland Selectman, Businessman Tom Peters (I)

List of 2010 US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran:

Ex-State Rep., Libertarian Activist, '08 Candidate Tom Alciere (R)

Businessman Jim Bender (R)

Businessman William Binnie (R)

Ex-State Board of Education Chair, Atty, '96 Gov. Nom. Ovide Lamontagne (R)

Jr. US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D)

The Honorable Jeanne Shaheen
United States Senate
520 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone (202) 224-2841

Class II US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2014)

US House Representatives for the State of New Hampshire

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  • Carol Shea-Porter (D) - US Representative for Congressional District 1
  • (Derry)

    (District's 2010 Partisan Voting Index: EVEN)

    2010 Congressional District 1 Candidates List:

    US Representative Carol Shea-Porter (D)

    Manchester Mayor, Ex-State Rep. Frank Guinta (R)

    Ex-State Party Chair Philip Hodson (L)

    List of 2010 District 1 Primary Candidates who also ran:

    Businessman, Economist, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Frequent Candidate Peter Bearce (R)

    International Banking Executive, GOP Activist Bob Bestani (R)

    Cook, USMC Veteran Mike Castaldo (R)

  • Paul Hodes (D) - US Representative for Congressional District 2
  • (Berlin)

    (District's 2010 Partisan Voting Index: D+3)

    Congressman Hodes Candidate for Senate. 2010 District 2 Candidates List:

    Attorney, Democratic Activist, Ex-Congressional Aide Ann McLane Kuster (D)

    Ex-Congressman Charlie Bass (R)

    Ex-State Party Chair, Ex-Andover Selectman Howard Wilson (L)

    Businessman, Electrical Engr., Retired Airline Pilot, Vietnam Vet John Taft (I)

    Management Consultant, Ex-Commercial Banker Tim vanBlommesteyn (I)

    List of 2010 District 2 Primary Candidates who also ran:

    State Rep., Firefighter John DeJoie (D)

    Political Consultant, Wife of Ex-Congressman Dick Swett, '02 Nominee Katrina Swett (D)

    Ex-State Rep., Airline Pilot, Ex-FBI Agent, USMC Veteran Bob Giuda (R)

    Bristol Town Budget Committee Chairman, Internet Businessman Andrew Hemingway (R)

    Radio Talk Show Host, Conservative Activist, '08 Nominee Jennifer Horn (R)

    Milford School Board Memb., Ex-Milford Selectman, State Lott. Comm. Employee Len Mannino (R)

    New Hampshire Representatives and Senators, 110th Congress

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