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The Unity Party of Colorado Motor Voter Registration Drive!

(Circle "Unity" on your Voter Registration Form and Join Us!)

Qualified Political Organization Status in Colorado

Coloradans registering to vote for the first time or updating their registration now have the option to circle (paper voter registration form) or click (online voter registration form) on the word "Unity" to affiliate with the Unity Party of Colorado, the State of Colorado affiliate of the Unity Party of America, thanks to the successful petition of Unity Party Colorado US Senate Candidate Bill Hammons onto the General Election ballot.

The UPC is currently recognized as a Qualified Political Organization in the State, an official status considered a stepping stone towards full recognition. Once the UPC achieves Minor or Major Party status by accruing 1,000 affiliated voters, it will be able to nominate any candidate for any office in the State directly to the General Election ballot, provided those candidates have been affiliated with the Unity Party since the beginning of the Election Year in question.

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