(Correspondence between FEC and UPA)

December 21, 2015

Daniel A. Petalas
Acting General Counsel
Kaitlin Seufert
Reports Analysis Division
Federal Election Commission
999 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20463

Via Email and US Mail

Dear Mr. Petalas and Ms. Seufert,

First, in response to Item #2 of your letter dated November 23rd, please note that “None” should be indicated on line 6 of the Statement of Organization.

In response to Item #1, please note that the United National Committee is the national committee of the Unity Party of America. Please also consider this letter a petition for an advisory opinion from the Commission to determine if the United National Committee satisfies the criteria for national committee status.

While considering our status, please see our Wikipedia entry at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_Party_of_America. As outlined on that page and at other places on the web such as unityparty.us, we have fielded a Presidential candidate and have nominated Congressional candidates in numerous states for both the Senate and US House. We are also on Colorado’s voter registration form as one of six official check-box options, and are naturally working on an ongoing basis to encourage Colorado voters to check the “Unity” box (hundreds to-date have done so).

Please note that we are also publicizing the party’s supporters and platform throughout the nation via our website unityparty.us (which has, at times, received thousands of visitors a day, a level of traffic verifiable via a third-party website such as alexa.com).

Finally, note that we have had an April 2016 convention planned for some time (there’s a link to the Facebook event page from our home page), and we have official members of our 34 state affiliates listed on unityparty.us along with links to our nine active Unity Party Facebook pages maintained by various members across the country.


Reid Strouss-Tallman
Treasurer, United National Committee

Bill Hammons
Chairman, United National Committee