Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo.

Unity Party of America Founder Bill Hammons
Running for Colorado's 2016 US Senate Seat
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22-Point 2014 Platform (Click here for 2016 Platform)
Balanced Budgets / 2nd Amendment / Health Care / Ebola / Education / Social Security
Taxes / Defense / Climate Change / NSA / Immigration / Trade / GMOs / Gerrymandering
Campaign Finance / Term Limits / Filibuster / Trusts / Liberty / 16+ Vote / New States / Iraq

List of Hammons Opponents (Current and Former) / Alternate Hammons Spellings

Balanced Budget Amendment

First and foremost I support a Balanced Budget Amendment with provisions made for deficit spending during economic contractions (a good formula would be allowance of deficit spending of 1% of GDP in a quarter for every 1% contraction in GDP the previous quarter).

A more passable (and perhaps more practical) piece of legislation would cut the pay of all Members of Congress as well as the President by 1% for every 1% of the Federal budget the government funds with borrowed money (for example, the Congressional Budget Office projects the deficit in fiscal year 2014 to be approximately 20% of overall Federal spending; the Congress that passed that budget would receive a resulting 20% pay cut after the following election [note the 27th Amendment passed in 1992 prohibits Congressional pay cuts along with pay raises taking effect before a subsequent election has passed]).

To put my money where my mouth is, I pledge to donate in real time the appropriate percentage of my Senatorial salary to appropriate charities during any fiscal year the US Government runs a deficit (e.g., 14% in FY 2015).

The closest Congress has come to passing a BBA was in 1995, when one passed the House 300-132 but failed in the Senate by one Senator's vote. Fittingly, I would be the one Senator who calls on the States to compel Congress to call an Article V Convention (we're now only one state's vote away from a calling, and it could get interesting [tennis, anyone?]).

The Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment.

Health Care for All

I support replacement of Obamacare with Simplified Medicare for All:
1. Drop the eligibility age from 65 to 0.
2. Keep copays very simple and very reasonable ($10 per patient per visit).
3. Eliminate the Employer portion of the Medicare Tax to encourage job growth, but remove the Social Security tax cap and use the increased pool of revenues to fund Medicare for All (
see below for elimination of the Income Tax).
4. Also roll the VA system into such a Medicare for All system so that we can provide the best possible care for our Veterans.

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We need to contain the Ebola contagion immediately.

Travel out of the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone needs to be banned immediately. Traffic into those nations, including of essential medical personnel and supplies, needs to continue to be permitted. It's fortunate that all three nations form a contiguous area along the African coast, and the United States should explore working with the African Union to impose a quarantine.

What are ebola-infected travelers going to do if not allowed to fly either directly to the United States or through a connecting country? Fly to Mexico and walk across the desert? They'll stay home or go elsewhere.

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Common Core

I do not support Common Core; education of one's children is an intensely personal and therefore local matter and should not be dictated by DC.

That said, there is also something to be said for mandating higher education standards for under-performing schools; "Teaching to the Test" is not a perfect approach, but it's better than Teaching to Fail.

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Secure Social Security

The way to secure Social Security on a permanent basis is to fund the Trust Fund's benefit distribution every year with the previous year's Social Security taxes. The year-to-year variability in benefits can be off-set by sales of Social Security Insurance issued by private insurers (there are plenty of capitalists who are willing to bet that the economy and incomes will grow in any given year; needless to say this insurance will need to be re-insured and well-regulated).

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Eliminate the Federal Income Tax

To combat climate change, I support replacing the Federal Income Tax with a severance tax based on the carbon content of oil, natural gas, coal and timber (a better term for "severance tax" is "extraction tax").

Such a regressive tax will of course need to be partly offset by tariffs and a return of some generated revenues. A good model for this return would be a national monthly-payout version of the Alaska Permanent Fund, which distributes some oil revenue to all Alaskans.

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History never ends, neither will our need for a strong defense, and an appropriate defense is a strong defense. Within the framework of a Balanced Budget Amendment, the outlawing of Gerrymandering, and the re-setting of priorities those measures would impose, defense spending would shift from a job-security program for Members of Congress to adequate funding against Third Millennium Threats that include an unstable North Korea and terrorists bred in states forgotten and allowed to fail by those Members of Congress.

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Climate Change

  1. The World is warming.
  2. This warming is being caused by Humankind.
  3. If the World (not just the US) doesn't take action, Global Warming will only accelerate.
  4. Meaningful reductions in carbon emissions outside the US are currently unrealistic.
  5. The US can lead the way in countering the effects of heat-trapping gases (until they can be removed from the atmosphere) by increasing the light reflectivity of clouds
    • While America's technological prowess and can-do spirit are unparalleled, other nations affected by Warming can contribute funding
  6. The US and Colorado can lead the way in creating a Post-Carbon Economy
    • Colorado's 300 Days of Sunshine are an untapped Solar Power resource
      • Colorado's location in the heart of the nation and an outdated tranmission grid also an advantage
        • Transforming the national grid to accomodate decentralized power sources would be huge jobs program
    • The "Saudi Arabia of Wind" beginning on Colorado's Eastern Plains also untapped
      • Colorado farmers and ranchers hit hard by drought can be helped by leases of land for wind turbine installation
    • Federal government can help grow solar and wind industries with tax credits
  7. The US and Colorado can also lead the way in creating a Trans-Carbon Economy
    • Carbon Capture Technology can work with the existing energy infrastructure

Hammons and Hammons on Mt Elbert

NSA Surveillance

The "Order one of everything from the menu" approach to private data collection by the National Security Agency (that's a direct quote from a top-secret Agency document) is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment and needs to be replaced.

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Immigration and Border Security

If we won't enforce our borders, why should we enforce the laws behind those borders?

I don't support amnesty in the form of citizenship, but I do support economic growth and believe hard-working immigrants who are here should be allowed to stay here.

Going forward, especially in light of the possible migratory pressures induced by climate change, our southern border needs to be secured, including with an unbroken coast-to-coast wall if necessary.


The United States can use trade agreements as leverage to combat global warming and global instability, namely by insisting on a Global Minimum Wage to create/encourage democracy-promoting Middle Classes around the world and insisting on Carbon Tariffs matching any domestic carbon revenue measures.

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

There are still unanswered questions regarding the potential long-term impact on human health from foods produced with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and those foods need to be specifically designated and labeled as such by the FDA.

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The drawing of US Congressional and State Legislative Districts for partisan advantage needs to be outlawed.

Campaign Finance

Corporations are not people, My Friends, and money is not speech, but real live human beings are indeed people and money can help give them a voice with a reasonable volume. Individuals should be allowed to continue to contribute according to McCain-Feingold and even McCutcheon v. FEC, but organizations like corporations or unions should not be allowed to make political contributions, either directly or indirectly.

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Term Limits

I pledge to serve no more than two six-year terms as United States Senator. Furthermore, as Senator, I would propose a Constitutional Amendment limiting all US Senators to two six-year terms, US House Representatives to four two-year terms, and future US Presidents to one four-year term.

End the Filibuster

Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution:
"Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a member."

The Senate needs to end the Filibuster and go with up-or-down votes on all issues.

Bill Hammons and Boulder's Flatirons


Enforce the Sherman Antitrust Act, especially against the Republicrat Two-Party Duopoly.

Bill Hammons running Queens Half Marathon

Personal Liberty

After being raised in West Texas (I'm a graduate of Permian High School of Friday Night Lights fame) and living here in Colorado for almost as long as I lived in Manhattan, the Libertarian passion of personal Liberty is in my bones (and, partly thanks to my B.A. in English and American Literature from NYU, I know how to read the Constitution).

I'm a firm believer that the Government's power should stop at the Person. Therefore I'm Pro-Choice, Pro-People-Should-be-able-to-Marry-Whomever-They-Like, against the Drug War and against the current Minimum Wage structure while being strongly Pro-Union.

Make the Minimum Voting and Donating Ages 16

Scotland recently lowered the voting age from 18 to 16, and that country's newest voters handled their civic responsibility with surprising thoughtfulness and maturity. Many are arguing that the same should be done here in the States, and, as the American voting population ages, adding youth to our nation's electorate would be a positive thing and not necessarily encourage radicalism (Scottish teenagers surprised everyone in that country's recent independence vote by showing less support for the dramatic step of independence than their elders, at least through late pre-vote polling).

By the same token, the minimum age to make a Federal campaign contribution (currently zero and widely abused) should be raised to 16. The Supreme Court struck down a 2002 attempt to square the donor minimum age with the voter minimum age of 18 (and needless to say the current Court would be even less likely to add a campaign finance restriction), but voting and donating should have the same restrictions and the issue should be revisited.

New States

I support self-determination for peoples everywhere, both here and abroad, in the form of new states wherever and whenever those new states are viable.

For this reason, as well as to inject fresh blood into the staid Senate, I support the creation of new American states like Cascadia (eastern Washington State), Jefferson (created from northern California and southern Oregon), Western Maryland, Pacifica (an amalgamation of Guam, the Northern Marianas and American Samoa along with possibly Hawaii and now-semi-sovereign Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and Marshall Islands), New York City, Puerto Rico, South Florida, Superior (northern Michigan), the US Virgin Islands and Washington DC.

(Note I left my own state of Colorado off the above list, partly because I like the shape of Colorado as it is, partly because current new-state proposals don't appear viable, and partly because some Coloradans haven't been properly represented in the US Senate.)

And don't forget the "abroad" part. The US offered to buy Greenland from Denmark just after WWII, and that territory would prove more valuable today to the US than to Denmark as a defensive bulwark against, say, a resurgent Russia. That said about Russia, the current situation in Ukraine (as of early March 2014 and as of this update six months later) calls for restraint by the West. A mapping of political boundaries to realities on the ground in that country would instantly create a more stable western Ukraine ready for membership in NATO and the European Union (ready with a Moldova which could also have a new Russian border).

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We need to keep US troops out of Iraq.

During my 2008 US House run I proposed that the US assist the partition of Iraq into its rational and more stable Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni regions, and I watch with mixed feelings as the reality on the ground finally catches up with my stated position.

Bill Hammons for Senate 2014 Petitions

Hammons Opponents (2014 General Election)

  1. Colorado US Senator Mark Udall (D)
  2. US Rep, Ex-State House Minority Whip, Atty Cory Gardner (R)
  3. Hotel Clerk, Navy Veteran, 2012 US Rep Candidate Gaylon Kent (L)
  4. 2004 Candidate Raul Acosta (I)
  5. Surgeon, Attorney Steve Shogan (I)
  6. Frequent Candidate Kathleen Rosewater Cunningham (WI)
  7. Willoughby (WI)

Hammons Opponents (Former)

  1. Businessman Jaime McMillan (R)
  2. State Rep, Ex-State House Majority Leader Amy Stephens (R)
  3. State Senator, Financial Consultant, Veteran Owen Hill (R)
  4. State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Rancher Randy Baumgardner (R)
  5. Businessman, GOP Activist Floyd Trujillo (R)
  6. Ex-Brighton School Board Member, Realtor Tom Janich (R)
  7. Businessman Mark Aspiri (R)

Alternate Hammons Spellings

  1. Bill Hammond
  2. Bill Hammonds
  3. Bill Hamonds
  4. Bill Hamons

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