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2015 Nebraska Congressional Districts Map
2015 Nebraska US Representatives List
2015 Nebraska US Senators List

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114th Congress Members / 115th, 116th, 117th Congress Candidates:

Nebraska's US Senators

  • Nebraska Senior US Senator Deb Fischer (R)
    Class I of 2018 SAS SCST SEPW SIA SSBE
  • Nebraska Junior US Senator Ben Sasse (R)
    Class II of 2020
    2020 Nebraska US Senate Candidates:
    1. Nebraska Junior US Senator Ben Sasse (R)
  • State of Nebraska Congressional Districts

  • Jeff Fortenberry (R) - US Rep for Congressional District 1
    2016 District 1 Election Candidates:
    1. Congressional District 1 US Rep Jeff Fortenberry (R)
  • Brad Ashford (D) - US Rep for Congressional District 2
    2016 District 2 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 2 US Rep Brad Ashford (D)
    2. Retired USAF Brig. General, College Professor Don Bacon (R)
  • Adrian Smith (R) - US Rep for Congressional District 3
    Committees: Ways & Means
    2013 Amend HR 2775 (End Shutdown / Raise Ceiling) Vote: Yes
    2013 HR 3102 NR&WO Act (Cut SNAP / Food Stamps) Vote: Yes
    2013 HR 2397 Amendment 413 (Nix NSA Surveillance) Vote: No
    2016 District 3 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 3 US Rep Adrian Smith (R)
  • Nebraska Governor, 113th Congress Representatives
    Nebraska Governor, 112th Congress Representatives
    Nebraska Governor, 111th Congress Representatives
    Nebraska 110th Congress Representatives:

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    Governor, Senators and Representatives by State:

    American Politics Guide: US Governors, Senators, and Representatives

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