Roger Nichols, Unity Party Presidential Candidate

Roger Nichols of Maryville, Missouri
2016 Candidate for Unity Party Presidential Nomination

Roger.E.Nichols Presidential Committee
Press Secretary:
Josh Dill (217-691-6490/
Campaign Manager & Campaign Committee Chair:
Chris Lauer (Homes for Homeless Vets Page)
Asst Campaign Manager:
Darren Danks
Personal Assistant:
Daniela Paravano
Crisis & Disasters Advisor:
Chaplain Gen. John Butler (LinkedIn Profile)
Veteran Committee Chair:
Kevin Young
Veteran Committee Vice Chair:
Dr. James Pollock, Major, USAF (Retired)
Disability Committee Chair:
Keith Jones
Environment & Energy Committee Chair:
Barry Stevens (
Advocate Adviser Committee Team:

  1. Dennis Axtell (Disability Committee Advocate)
  2. Steven R Danielsen
  3. Michael Frisbee
    (Executive Director, American Precinct Project)
  4. Jim Kelly (
  5. Ruth King
  6. Karen Stephens
  7. Scott Stone

Presidential Electors Committed to Nichols, Per Article II, Section 1 and 12th Amendment:

  • Alabama (Nine Electors Needed):

    1. Scott Stone, Jackson County

  • Arkansas (Six Electors Needed):

    1. Ruth King, Crawford County

  • California (55 Electors Needed):

    1. Kevin Young, Riverside

  • Colorado (Nine Electors Needed):

    1. Bill Hammons, Boulder

  • Georgia (16 Electors Needed):

    1. Michael Frisbee, Douglasville

  • Illinois (20 Electors Needed):

    1. Steven Danielsen, Sycamore

  • Missouri (10 Electors Needed):

    1. Roger.E.Nichols, Maryville
    2. Matt Pacyniak, Springfield

  • Nevada (6 Electors Needed):

    1. Susan Courville, Spring Creek

  • South Carolina (9 Electors Needed):

    1. John Ward, Marion

    Roger supports:

    • Our Constitution and Bill of Rights
        Preserving Second Amendment so Citizens can Protect Selves & Family

    • A Balanced Budget Amendment with "Cap, Trade & Pledge" provisions
      • Maintain Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) for Social Security

    • Freedom from Government Control
        Sending our Children to Schools Without Government Control
        Federal Education Assistance should be limited to Grant Programs

    • Less Government Regulation Imposed on Citizens and Businesses
        Job creation comes from the Citizen, not the Government

    • Bringing the Troops Home
      • It's time to bring our Military Men and Women home from these Wars

    • Energy Independence
      • America needs to increase its Energy Independence with more extraction
        America needs to become a net exporter of Energy

    • Strengthening Border Security and Deporting all Illegal Immigrants on American Soil

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