The United National Committee of the Unity Party of America


United National Committee members are elected per the Unity Party Constitution.

Current Officers (Duly elected for terms ending 1/1/19):

  1. Bill Hammons, Unity Party Chairman
  2. Galen Bercaw, Unity Party Vice Chairman
    (Also elected Assistant Treasurer 10/28/15)
  3. Denver Hager, Unity Party Secretary
  4. Reid Strouss-Tallman, Unity Party Treasurer
    (Also elected Chief Technology Officer 4/9/16)
  5. Christopher Otwell, Assistant Chief Technology Officer
    (Elected 4/9/16)

Current other Members (State Representatives) on United National Committee:

  1. James Ogle, Unity Party of California Representative (Duly elected 11/18/2014)
  2. Aidan King, Unity Party of Colorado Representative (Duly elected 4/9/2016)
  3. Walter Kappler, Unity Party of Colorado Representative (Duly elected 4/9/2016)
  4. Chris Lauer, Unity Party of Connecticut Representative (Duly elected 10/29/2015)
  5. Adam Alonzi, Unity Party of Florida Representative (Duly elected 8/12/2014)
  6. Blake McGee, Unity Party of Georgia Representative (Duly elected 11/7/2014)
  7. Steven Danielsen, Unity Party of Illinois Representative (Duly elected 7/30/2013)
  8. Parker Ward, Unity Party of Louisiana Representative (Duly elected 12/15/2010)
  9. Roger Nichols, Unity Party of Missouri Representative (Duly elected 6/29/2013)
  10. Chris Gearhart, Unity Party of New York Representative (Duly elected 12/28/2015)
  11. Dustin Morris, Unity Party of Ohio Representative (Duly elected 5/5/2016)
  12. Toonay Ayers, Unity Party of Pennsylvania Representative (Duly elected 12/28/2015)
  13. John Ward, Unity Party of South Carolina Representative (Duly elected 6/17/2014)
  14. Hunter Crow, Unity Party of Texas Representative (Duly elected 7/22/2015)
  15. Kyle Moon, Unity Party of Utah Representative (Duly elected 10/15/2010)
  16. Tim Bradshaw, Unity Party of Virginia Representative (Duly elected 6/24/2016)